Modern transmission technologies for wireless voice and data communication:

5G Mobile & Wireless Networking

Wireless transmission technologies have become indispensable in today’s everyday life. The speed and availability of the services play an enormously important role.

Our engineers have many years of experience and comprehensive know-how in the development and operation of mobile communication infrastructures – from large public mobile networks to local wireless campus and enterprise solutions.

LTE & 5G

Public Mobile Networks

Today’s mobile networks are based on high-performance multilayer infrastructures. Xantaro supports mobile network providers with innovative solutions and services from the core to the 4G/5G access network – for reliable mobile connection and fast Internet anywhere!

The high-performance 5G technology also opens up new dimensions around innovative IoT applications and the “Smart City“, in which more and more intelligent devices, services and people communicate with each other.

Private 5G

Mobile Campus Networks

5G greatly exceeds previous technologies in terms of scaling, coverage and security. With high bandwidth and low latency, 5G enables flexible networking of devices and mapping of time and business-critical applications without cables in the highest quality.

Xantaro supports enterprises vendor-independently with needs-based technology and services in the implementation and operation of their private 5G campus network!


Local Wireless Networks

Wireless access to the company network allows mobile working from anywhere!

Our modern AI-driven wireless LAN solutions ensure ideal user experience and simplified network operation – right up to the fully integrated solution for administration and monitoring of the entire network and security infrastructure.

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The 5G Campus – a private mobile network at your own direction!

With a 5G campus network, powerful mobile capacities are available locally at the company sites. Thereby, all systems and devices can be connected as required and time- and business-critical applications can be mapped flexibly and in the highest quality. The capacities exceed those of WLAN enormously in terms of bandwidth and latency, performance and reliability, as well as in terms of security.

The highlight:  The resources are “private”, i.e. your 5G network works without external mobile network providers, but can also be connected to the Internet or WAN if necessary – everything is possible, nothing is mandatory!

5G-Campus-Solutions | Xantaro

5G – the fifth generation of the global technology standard for mobile communications

5G is the more powerful successor to the previous 4G (LTE) and 3G (UMTS) generations. In terms of reliability, security, latency and bandwidth in particular, 5G is setting new standards. 5G is not just a faster version of its predecessors. Rather, the new technology revolutionizes mobile communications and enables real-time applications independent of public networks.

Your own frequency for customized coverage

In order to implement its own wireless infrastructure, the German Bundesnetzagentur allocates mobile radio frequencies from 3.7 GHz to 3.8 GHz and from 24.25 GHz to 27.5 GHz for exclusive usage at your own location. Allocation is based on a license model, usually with terms of five to ten years.

The prerequisite for the allocation of the frequency(s) is precise planning, including local limitations of the private 5G network – e.g. the entire campus site, a single building or just a single floor can be covered.

5G Mobile & Wireless Networking – our technology partners

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