Xantaro Technical Assistance Center

XTAC is the central interface for all technology related questions and topics for your products and solutions purchased at Xantaro.

Dedicated XTAC experts with long-lasting experience in fault resolution of complex multi-vendor environments form the team and take care for solution oriented and immediate support – 24 hours a day, 365 days per year!


Detailed information on fault report, the resolution process and RMA handling can be found within our XTAC User Guide.

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Urgent Issues

For immediate support in case of an urgent Priority 1 or 2 failure, please contact our XTAC via phone on our 24×7 accessible hotline

XTAC UK: +44 203 608 1365
XTAC DE*: +49 1805 252821

Non-urgent Technical Issues

In case of less urgent topic or technical question please contact our XTAC via e-mail to xtac@xantaro.net or use our ticket system.


RMA-Handling & Customer Care

XTAC also supports RMA handling and Customer Care. Therefore, just contact our XTAC by an e-mail to


Your Service Contract and further Information

If you have general questions regarding your Service Contract or require further information about the XTAC support service, please contact your Account Manager or send an e-mail to


XTAC Workflow –
a support team acting as central interface


Priorities –
Our Ranking Guidelines

Upon notification of a problem, the priority level of the incident is required to ensure that the issue is correctly allocated.
The following priority categories are subdivided at Xantaro:




Total loss or continuous instability of mission critical functionality. There is a massive service and business impact.

XTAC Responsibility

Permanently available and dedicated XTAC resources work on the fault clearance until a solution or workaround has been found.


Important functions in the network are considerably impaired; the failure has extensive influence on the production surroundings. There is a direct service impact or partial business impact.

Dedicated resources work on the fault clearance until a solution or a workaround has been found from Monday through Friday
between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.


Some functions in the network are defective; however, these do not have a serious influence on the production surroundings. There is an indirect service impact, but no business impact.

Available XTAC resources work on the fault clearance from Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

4: LOW

There is an enquiry regarding configuration, software or a feature of a product. There is no service or business impact.

Available XTAC resources work on the fault clearance from Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Contact –
Urgent Problem Reporting & Non-urgent Topics


If you need to report an urgent failure (Priority 1 or 2), contact our XTAC under the phone number:

  • +44 203 608 1365 (UNITED KINGDOM)
  • +49 1805 252821* (Germany)

That way you can be sure that there is no delay between the notification of a failure and the reaction of an XTAC Support Engineer.

During the call, you will receive the Xantaro ticket number as the reference with which the failure will be processed by the XTAC. The XTAC Support Engineer will note all the necessary details for processing the incident during the call.

Please make contact by telephone in the cases of total network failure or in cases where the critical functions of your network are impaired and the failure you are notifying us of must be progressed immediately.


If there is a technical question or a less urgent topic, a ticket can be opened directly online by means of the Xantaro Ticket System. You can access the Xantaro ticket system through the Xantaro Support Portal at:

Alternatively, you can send an email to xtac@xantaro.net.
In this case, the ticket will be actioned by an XTAC Support Engineer.

Please use the written contact form for cases where functions of your network are impaired but the notification of the failure does not need to be processed immediately.

Problem Reporting –
Necessary information and specifications

We kindly request that you provide all relevant information to our XTAC when a ticket is created in order to ensure quick processing and prompt fault clearance or to answer to a question.

Even when a ticket is opened by phone, please forward the information in written form via e-mail or through the Xantaro ticket system.

If you report an issue by email, please submit your complete contact data.

The following contents serve as a guide to the required information:

  • your Xantaro maintenance contract number
  • the serial number of the components contained in the maintenance
  • the desired priority
  • a detailed description of the failure including prior executed changes to the hardware and software
  • the system information (e.g. „show tech“, „request support-information“, etc.)
  • the configuration, as well as the relevant log messages at the time of failure
  • the current network topology
  • the information for the remote access, if desired

Reaction and service times –
according to the ticket priority

The following table indicates the policy regarding the reaction time, service time and frequency of updates with which you will be informed about the status of a ticket. The values are based on the current priority of a ticket.



Reaction Time

within 15 minutes

Service Time


Update Frequency

every 4 hours


within 1 hour


every business day


within 8 hours


7 a.m. and 8 p.m. (UK time)

or rather

8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (German time)

every third business day

4: LOW

within 24 hours

at business hours

once a week

To ensure the reaction times in case of priority 1 and 2 tickets, please contact XTAC via phone number +49 1805 252821* (Germany) or +44 203 608 1365 (UK).

You are not a maintenance customer yet?

Our MAINTENANCE SERVICES area is specialized on maintenance services and support for multi-vendor environments.

With XCare, Xantaro provides standardised as well as customised services – from a simple bring-in repair service to replacement of components in advance, the storage of spare part repositories and on-site support.

Find out more about XCare …

Please send an e-mail to service@xantaro.net if you have any questions regarding our XCare services, or complete the form below – our Service Account Management is happy to consult!


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