With the high cost of growing subscribers and urgent network build-hear how A10 & Xantaro UK can help address IPv4 Challenge for UK AltNets:

The IPv4 Challenge for UK AltNets


In the UK, at the end of 2020 research indicated 600,000 people in towns and more rural locations remain restricted to 10Mbps or less. Higher speed fibre broadband services are needed to enable students to study at home, hospitals to offer telemedicine services, and farmers to leverage IoT technology to monitor crops, and many other use cases.

Alternative network operators (AltNets), spurred by pandemic urgency and government funding, are busy building out full-fibre networks to extend coverage to unserved or underserved communities and provide faster, more secure and innovative services. The need is urgent and budgets are tight – capital investments must focus on high priority areas that can meet required benchmarks and unnecessary costs must be eliminated.

One critical area that can be overlooked in the long list of network requirements is the need to provide IPv4-IPv6 connectivity. A typical operator building out to just 10,000 new subscribers could easily spend £231,000 just for the IPv4 addresses – that’s £231K that could be spend on building coverage to one more hospital, passing more homes and new services to remote areas. The price of scarce IPv4 addresses keeps rising and can become a surprising and unexpected cost for many operators. IPv6 is often not a viable near-term option as adoption is still uneven with many web sites, subscriber devices and servers currently supporting IPv4 only.


Why is this important?

UK AltNets & Next Generation Network Providers need a proven, cost effective way to provide this critical functionality while sustaining business growth, extend any existing IPv4 investment and creating a path to eventual IPv6 migration. CGNAT provides a cost effective option.


Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Covid19 has exposed the digital Divide;
  • The IPv4-IPv6 Conversion Dilemma;
  • IPv4 and CGNAT – Cost and capacity considerations for Bridging the digital divide;
  • Deployment success stories from real world regional service providers using CGNAT;
  • Long term considerations – migration to IPv6;
  • An opportunity to address any questions or concerns when deploying CGNAT.


Join us on 06 June 2021 at 16:00 London time for our 60 minute online session!



If you are unable to attend this session, feel free to register and a link to the recording will be sent to you afterwards.


About the Speaker Terry Young, Director Service Provider Product Marketing, A10 Networks:

Terry is responsible for driving business value and product messaging, content creation and sales enablement programs to broadband, mobile and other network operators across the globe.

Terry has 20 years experience in the telecommunications industry, including AT&T where she developed market strategy recommendations for new business initiatives. As a principal analyst for Healy & Co., a syndicated market research company, her 3G/4G market research and forecasts were published by the UMTS Forum. She also previously led product marketing programs with several start-up mobile infrastructure and software vendors, including Infoblox and Palo Alto Networks.

Terry has an MBA from Arizona State University and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.



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