Every network is different and each has specific characteristics requiring individual demands.

New approaches consistently faster innovation cycles, individual requirements and coalescing technologies – the fulfillment of the permanently increasing performance requirements of network environments implies multiple challenges.

Our PROFESSIONAL SERVICES area supports with an encompassing portfolio in strategic decisions for the further development and technological options throughout the complete project lifecycle.

Comprehensive Expertise & Best-in-Class Service

An optimal design of value-added solutions only arises out of considering all components and their interplay within an infrastructure and the surrounding conditions for the implementation and operation.

With its technological areas of


Xantaro has established specialised and certified engineering teams, each focused on a specific project phase.

The three teams bundle a multilayer technology know-how around network infrastructures, its abstraction, control and protection, around value-added and central services, as well as around orchestration and automation.

To realise agile, innovative and future-proof solutions, the consultants and engineers work closely together in all project phases – from the development through implementation and commissioning up to maintenance services and operations support.

Consulting & Implementation Services –
From the initial Idea to Implementation

Solution Design & Architecture

  • Identification and analysis of customer requirements
  • Solutions development
  • Compilation of high-level designs
  • Evaluation of potential vendors

Solution Assessments

  • Verification of high-level designs
    (test strategy, proof of concept)
  • Test design including test and installation planning
  • Testing including documentation
  • Network & solution assessments

Solution Engineering

  • Compilation or adjustment of low-level designs
  • Development of solutions in case of changes/extension of requirements and specifications
  • Compilation of specifications for commissioning
  • Migrations planning

Network Planning

  • Compilation and administration of network plans and documentation
  • Capacity monitoring and planning
  • Compilation and administration of address concepts


  • Hardware pre-staging and configuration according to customer requirements
    (Xantaro Pre-Staging-Area)
  • Multi-stage test procedure
    (amongst others DOA and burn-in tests)
  • Compilation of master data

Implementation & Operations Support

  • Deployment, connection and commissioning of new network elements
  • On-site configuration
  • System integration and migration
  • Network changes support
  • Operations support
    (2nd and 3rd level support)
  • Documentation
  • Know-how transfer / operations training

Project management
by trained and certified project managers


Management of

  • multi-project environments
  • multi-vendor projects
  • multi-national projects

Project Management

Management of

  • complex projects
  • turn-key projects
  • migration planning and realisation

RollOut Management

Co-ordination and realisation of

  • site surveys
  • site engineering
  • logistics and approvals

Complementary Services –
Additional Services for a reliable network operation


The “Xantaro Technology, Testing & Training Lab” – XT3Lab – provides the necessary infrastructure for the simulation of heterogeneous networks and complex services. The lab environment is available to our customers e.g. for tests in the run-up to changes in their production network.


Training & Know-How-Transfer

In addition to standardised technology courses, Xantaro also provides operations training of our customers’ staff – be it a training-on-the-job within a project or “customised” according to individual requirements.


Maintenance Services & Support

With XCare, Xantaro provides maintenance services modules and add-ons to ensure the reliable operation of your high-performance network including preventive services and proactive support.


Models for service provision –

The preconditions for the network evolution vary. Accordingly, non project conforms to another – especially with regards to the scope and the time frame. To meet individual requirements, Xantaro offers various models for the service provision:

Project based

Assignment of a Xantaro consultant for a specific consulting task or rather within a project.

  • per contract for work and services
  • remote or on-site
  • for terminated time frame
  • according to an agreed payment schedule

Resident Engineer

Assignment of a Xantaro consultant for a specific consulting task or within a XCare service contract.

  • per contract of employment
  • generally on-site
  • for terminated time frame
  • according to an agreed payment schedule

Call-Off Consulting

Assignment of a Xantaro consultant at short notice for a short-term consulting task (roughly outlined preliminarily).

  • by allocating quotas
  • remote or on-site/li>
  • callable on a daily basis
    (1-2 weeks in advance or
    according to prior agreement)
  • payment in advance