Next-Generation Network Security means safety through all layers for both, business and recreation – and all ages!

Controlling access to infrastructures and services, managing user sessions and service experiences as well as protecting infrastructure assets and customer services from disruption are key functions of every communications network.

The technology area NETWORK SECURITY & DDoS PROTECTION delivers hardware and software based solutions to implement fundamental regulation, control and prevention functions provided on the network layer – to optimise the security, performance and reliability of the network and applications required.


  • DDoS Mitigation & Prevention
    Monitoring and mitigation solutions to ensure the availability of high capacity core and access networks as well as applications and services by identification of all kind of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and appropriate traffic filtering – from first technical steps to start with up to a fully integrated solution with multiple mechanisms and services.

  • Firewalls
    Network firewalls to the incoming and outgoing traffic based on predefined security and protection rules reliably at line rate with carrier-grade scalability.

  • Security Verification
    Regular review and evaluation of security architectures and testing of individual components.

  • Incident Detection
    Monitoring, analysing and responding to security incidents, providing real-time and forensic information.

Network Security & DDoS Protection – our Technology Partners

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