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The XT³Lab in Frankfurt a.M. provides over 80 physical systems and numerous virtualized systems from Juniper Networks, making the environment the largest Juniper technology and test lab in Germany.

The variety of hardware and software covers almost the entire portfolio of the vendor. In combination with the expertise of our consultants and engineers, the XT³Lab enables a unique range of use cases and services for carriers, service providers and enterprises from all industries.

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Experience, test and learn
the latest Juniper Networks Technologies!

XT³Lab stands for “Xantaro Technology, Testing & Training Laboratory” – three key aspects when it comes to the design, continuous development and the reliable operation of complex networks.

As a key player in the Cloud , AI und 5G era, Juniper Networks’ solutions are deployed in the networks of numerous Xantaro customers and are therefore, the technologies are an integral part of the lab environment.

Overview of Juniper systems in the XT³Lab

Juniper Test Lab Deutschland | XT³Lab Juniper-Equipment July 2021 | Xantaro

(Stand Juli 2021)

The XT³Lab covers almost the entire Juniper portfolio. In conjunction with resources such as the IXIA test system, it offers a wide range of options for network simulation and demonstration of the solutions for core, access, data center, campus and WAN.

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Ensuring an efficient and smooth implementation by the extensive test options in the Juniper test lab in Germany

Before new systems are integrated into an existing network architecture or new software is deployed, it is important to determine the interaction in the existing network.

The variety of the Juniper setup in the XT³Lab enables the extremely realistic simulation of existing network designs. Because the infrastructure not only covers almost the entire Juniper technology portfolio for hardware or software. It also provides high-capacity load generators and test facilities as well as a large number of components from other vendors.

The proof-of-concepts and interoperability tests carried out here ensure particularly efficient and smooth integration of new components into the productive environment – without any impact on ongoing operations and service availability for end customers!


  • Test of single components
  • Proof-of-Concept Tests
  • Design Tests
  • Regression Tests of new OS versions
  • Multi-Vendor Tests
  • Simulation, Test & Fault Analysis of existing networks

Testing new software releases is particularly efficient since XFAST – Xantaro Fully Automated Software Testing – eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual testing efforts.

Thus, the entire qualification process is extremely accelerated and a faster and at the same time risk-minimized implementation of software updates in the productive network is achieved. Another advantage is that the one-time defined test routines are also available for subsequent software updates.

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Practice-oriented training courses and hands-on workshops
in Germany’s largest Juniper test lab

Xantaro offers both general technology and “customized” training courses for training engineering and operations teams. Our consultants develop the content themselves and, taking their own experience into account, ensure the highest practical relevance.

With XJRoute, XMPLS-VPN and XJSec, Juniper technology trainings are an integral part of the training offer. Operation, configuration and troubleshooting of the respective systems are conveyed in regular training courses or individual appointments upon request.

Of course, the necessary components for practical exercise are available in the XT³Lab. This ensures that the participants deepen the theoretical content in a practical way with current or customer-specific requirements.

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Of course the XT³Lab is also available for individual workshops beyond the standard training courses or for individual use, if required.

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The largest Juniper Test Lab in Germany –
the XT³Lab in Frankfurt (Main)

Come and see yourself!

If you don’t want to travel to the vendor’s lab in Amsterdam to qualify new Juniper technologies for your network, you will find the alternative in the XT³Lab in the middle of Germany!

In combination with the skills of our consultants and engineers, nothing stands in the way of targeted planning, execution of PoCs and implementation of new Juniper technologies.

Xantaro Office Frankfurt a.M. / XT³Lab

Hahnstraße 31-35
60528 Frankfurt

T: +49 (0)69 24437140

GPS: 50.0831703 / 8.6335828

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