Comfortable Voice Traffic Routing and Management
The intention of Europeer Xchange is to give carriers a simple way to exchange their voice traffic across different protocols and to manage their transit routes. Xantaro advised and supported the Frankfurt-based start-up in building its voice interconnection platform.

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Europeer Xchange is a start-up company based in Frankfurt am Main, which has been offering professional interconnection services for voice traffic in the telecommunications metropolis since early 2014.

„Frankfurt is one of the most important telecommunications locations in Europe, and is home to a large number of carriers and VoIP providers,“ says Christian Look from the Network Engineering team at Europeer. „We wanted to create a neutral platform for them which allows for a cheap, easy and efficient exchange of voice traffic, and all across all protocols and standards.“ This idea was conceived in May 2013 and its operational implementation is not far away.


Decision for market and product expertise of Xantaro 

The start-up founders contacted service integrator Xantaro for a more detailed implementation and to find out which technologies best fit the proposed business concept. „Xantaro was known to some of us from earlier times. They are familiar with the requirements of carriers as well as the solutions of the various vendors on the market – a knowledge base, which we did not want to do without,“ said Christian Look. „We greatly appreciate the special expertise of the company.“ In addition, it was important for Europeer that the partner was available to offer support locally in Frankfurt, to keep distances short and reactions as quick as possible. Therefore Xantaro accompanied the start-up from the beginning: from technical planning of the voice interconnection platform to the start of its operations.


Xantaro supports technology concept, vendor and product selection

Since no account had to be taken of existing infrastructures, the companies were able to proceed with the project completely openly and independently of any manufacturer. At first, Europeer and Xantaro together defined the exact requirements, and carved out the functions one after another, which the voice interconnection platform was expected to fulfil. Based on this, the components were tested to best meet the requirements. In the end, the IP Exchange (IPX) solution from GENBAND, consisting of Class 4 voice telecommunications components, was selected.

Among others, Routing Proxies including Session Border Controller functionality, Media Gateway Controllers and Media Gateways, as well as Real Time Session Manager (RSM) responsible for integrated provisioning for construction of the Europeer platform were used.

The IPX solution from GENBAND includes a wholesale-enabled platform, which allows both, VoIP and TDM traffic to be routed simply among themselves – a solution which is also used by numerous large carriers to handle national and international voice traffic through their networks efficiently. Thanks to high-scalability and multi-tenancy, i.e. the separation of carriers and clients on the platform, the interconnection ports of different clients can be kept separate very successfully. Each client receives their own virtual environment through which they can configure their voice routes via SIP, H.323 and SS7.


Four months for Europeer Xchange platform 

„Xantaro has supported us to create a reliable and scalable platform that meets all professional requirements of carriers and VoIP providers – and all this in a very ambitious timeframe,“ said Christian Look. Europeer and Xantaro began developing the architecture in the autumn of 2013; commissioning followed at the end of January 2014. The Xchange platform is capable of converting voice traffic from different protocols and standards into any other protocol: PSTN / TDM (via SS7) to VoIP (via SIP or H.323) or vice versa. This ensures a seamless flow in conversation and voice traffic transit in all directions.


Simple voice traffic management for customers

Through the new platform, Europeer Xchange offers its customers a full range of voice interconnection services that may be used in the SaaS model (Software as a Service). This enables carriers and VoIP providers to comfortably manage the exchange of their voice traffic with other companies on the platform on both, technical and business levels: Point to Point as well as Multipoint. Therefore, they are assigned a partition on the platform and a web-based tool for provisioning their capacities. With a professional management and reporting system they can unlock transit routes for other carriers at the technical level and also specify the corresponding contracts and prices.


A foundation for international rollout is now a reality

„The great advantage of our platform is that carriers can comfortably control and manage all aspects of their voice traffic themselves,“ explains Christian Look of Europeer. „This applies to both, the technical and commercial levels – both aspects are integrated in our management system. This makes it easy for our customers to operate their business through our platform both, cost-effectively and efficiently and to respond flexibly to current market demands.“ Europeer Xchange has been in operation since January 2014 and is already used by many telecommunications companies for sharing their voice traffic. „Thanks to reliable and flexible support from Xantaro we have managed to implement our ambitious plans for Europeer Xchange in Frankfurt am Main both, well and successfully. Thus, a good foundation has been laid – also for our planned international expansion.“

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  • creation of a Voice Interconnection platform for cheap, easy and efficient exchange of voice traffic between all carriers and voice providers
  • exchange of VoIP and TDM traffic



  • definition of all requirements and parameters
  • test and evaluation of potential technologies and solutions
  • conception and implementation based on GENBAND Routing Proxys including SBC functionality, MGC and MG as well as provisioning and reporting function



  • provisioning of comprehensive voice interconnection services based on SaaS
  • configuration of international voice routes via SIP, H.323 and SS7
  • integrated management and portal service
  • best voice quality through HW based DSP conversion between PSTN/TDM (SS7) and VoIP (SIP or H.323)
  • high scalability (non-blocking) and multi-client capability