Our customer is a leading independent provider of last-mile networks in the UK serving their clients with ultra-fast fibre broadband. Their ‘Open Access’ network is designed to make it easy for service providers (SP) to connect and offer choice to both residential and business customers. Their services rely on their network infrastructure which is installed on new build constructions across the UK, enabling them to offer Fibre-to-the-Home to over 1 million homes and businesses.


A reliable partnership for further business growth

When planning for massive future growth in your business, you need a trusted partner to help you modernise your network to ensure that it is ready to meet the challenges associated with increasing scale. We worked with our customer to improve the entire network infrastructure and develop a future-proof strategy.


Network design based on Nokia’s technology stack

Starting with their Edge Service Routers, we upgraded their existing Nokia 7750 SR-12 hardware to provide enhanced PPPoE subscriber session scale and subscriber bandwidth for their BNG requirements at two core data centre locations. This also upgraded their available capacity to IP transit providers. For their IP/MPLS Core and Access network they implemented a design that uses Nokia’s 7750 SR-a8 platform for class-leading aggregation and the 7210 SAS-T for their Access Points of Presence (POPs), with over 200 sites now fully operational.

Nokia 7750 Service Router (SR)

We understand their network and the technologies used

As we are completely familiar with the customer’s network design and the technologies it uses, we can help to resolve faults within short periods efficiently. Our Xantaro Technical Assistance Centre (TAC) provides support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure the stable operation of our customer’s high-performance infrastructure. As a result of this strong partnership, our customer can concentrate on the growth of its business.


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Project overview


  • Independent provider of last-mile networks



  • Planning for massive growth; Future-proof strategy needed
  • Network needed to be ready to meet challenges associated with increasing scale
  • Two core data centre locations



  • Network design is based on Nokia’s technology stack
  • Xantaro upgraded their existing Nokia 7750 SR-12 (Advances PPPoE subscriber scale)
  • New capacity available for IP transit providers
  • Nokia 7750 SR platform for class-leading aggregation
  • Nokia 7210 SAS-T for their Points of  Presence (POPs) – over 200 sites now operational