Colocation and interconnection opportunities

Our customer provides colocation and interconnection solutions for more than 500 companies co-located in our customer’s data centre locations in the UK. Thereby, these clients can connect with their business partners across their digital supply chains.


Xantaro – chosen for stability and reliability

As a result of our very close and successful partnership with ‘best of breed’ networking vendor Juniper Networks and the stability and reliability provided by our own professional services, our customer chose Xantaro for their Cloud Builder platform project.

Also, the Juniper Networks portfolio offers feature-rich programmability which is mandatory as our customer develops its own individual SDN controller that is heavily reliant on API’s to the network equipment – here Juniper serves well with its future proven products.


Deploying a Cloud Builder platform

The whole project offered an accurate picture of deploying a Cloud Builder platform with Juniper’s technology stack. The MX Series provides Ethernet VPN services, and the QFX Series nodes provide Layer 2 connectivity connecting multiple data centres within London.  As a result, our customer’s clients will only recognise one logical network.

Our customer’s goal was providing the first global platform in a carrier-neutral data centre or hosting environment. This environment enables our customer providing connectivity to multiple cloud service providers (CSPs). Therefore, a client can easily connect to a port of the cloud platform which will build a virtual circuit, directly attaching to the cloud service. This solution results in clients having a ‘one-stop’ shop to raise direct connectivity to each CSP, which guarantees the best performance.



We supported our customer deploying their new Cloud Builder platform. With this new platform, our customer can expand their business as their data centres now give new opportunities to their Enterprise and Service Provider clients.

From a financial point of view, this new service provides additional revenue through selling connectivity to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) for new or even existing customer base. Also, our customer can control client churn rate, reducing costs and automating service rollout.


Download Article: Xantaro – Co-lo interconnect platform provides access to CSPs


Project overview


  • Global colocation provider



  • Global multi-data centre environment
  • Multiple connected data centres within London
  • 500+ companies co-located in UK
  • Connectivity to several CSPs



  • Feature-rich programmability
  • Automated services
  • Reliability and High-Availability
  • High-capacity and Scaling



  • Juniper Networks MX Series
  • Juniper Networks QFX Series