20th Anniversary Conference 

Panel Discussion with Xantaro CTO 
Gerold Arheilger


Traffic Diversion with SDN –
A Practical Approach

This video was recorded at the "SDN & OpenFlow World Congress 2015".

The presentation shows how to use SDN and OpenFlow in a real world scenario to solve a specific problem in an existing network. The problem at hand is integrating a DDoS Mitigation appliances into a running network without the need to perform major changes in the existing infrastructure and design.

December 2014

SDN in Wide Area Networks
Part 3

BGP-LS is a promising approach for SDN in Wide Area Networks (WAN). This video gives an overview on how it works and what advantages service providers may benefit from.

December 2014

SDN in the Data Centre &
Juniper Networks Contrail
show case
Part 2

Scalability, the physical network integration and functionalities of ToR switches are the challenges of today's data centres. In addition, the flexibility introduced by computing virtualization is somehow thwarted by "classical network".

This video explains and demonstrates how these challenges can be mastered using Juniper Networks Contrail solution.

December 2014

SDN – A Technical Definition
Part 1

There are many facets of SDN implementation. What exactly it means depends on the type of problem you try to solve. Sebastian Graf, Solutions Architect at Xantaro, explains the advantages of Software Defined Networking from a technical perspective and gives an idea of the layered approach within the SDN architecture.

June 2014

Evolving Broadcaster CBC's Network

CBC is a major television broadcaster in Germany. It needs to transport huge High Definition video files between its major centers in Cologne, Munich and Berlin. Evolving its Juniper-based network to meet these needs required detailed analysis and recommendations. CBC relied on Juniper partner Xantaro to do this analysis.

Xantaro's expert consultants worked closely with Juniper Networks consultants, who gave them access to tools and methodologies generally only available to internal Juniper staff. The resulting network upgrade satisfied CBC's needs for a smooth evolution of the network.